The only way to predict the future
is to have the power to shape the future.

— Eric Hoffer



“I have been working with Dr. Fritsch over a period of years during pivotal times in my career, and I can say without hesitation that her talents as an executive leader, coach and mentor are nothing short of brilliant. She has a rare ability to apply her intuition, political smarts and understanding of organizational culture to coach leaders through complex and challenging circumstances, which most of us experience during our careers. Her sage advice and insight was invaluable In helping me move from an applied hands on leadership style, to one involving increased teamwork, mentoring and coaching, particularly of junior staff. Simultaneously, there was also a greater need for continuous communication with policy makers based thousands of miles away. Dr. Fritsch’s executive coaching helped me to calibrate my leadership style to respond to different levels and changing needs of the organization, often in the face of challenging security environments. She combined compassion with honest feedback to encourage professional growth and never shrank from tackling hard issues. Dr. Fritsch is totally engaging with a terrific sense of humor – She is a consummate professional who has helped me tremendously during the course of my career and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Ambassador Dawn Liberi
Former U.S. Ambassador to Burundi (ret)

USAID Mission Director to Iraq, Nigeria, and Uganda

“I began working with Dr. Fritsch several years ago when I was making a critical career pivot from functional leader of a team, to first level executive with enterprise-wide functional responsibilities. Her coaching helped me to identify, and subsequently change both operational and leadership behaviors that although important at the lower level, no longer served me as a Vice President. Dr. Fritsch’s impact as a coach is grounded in her nuanced understanding of executive needs coupled with her insightful ability to assess political contexts and relationships. Her style can be described as both compassionate as well as appropriately tough—her support built my confidence as a newly minted executive, yet, she never minced feedback that I needed to hear when she saw that my choices were misaligned with my stated priorities, Dr. Fritsch’s executive coaching was invaluable during this important career transition and has served as an instrumental foundation to my ongoing success and leadership impact.”

Ms. Cindy R. Kent

President & General Manager
3M Infection Prevention Division

“I had the good fortune to work with Dr. Fritsch as part of the Federal Executive Institute’s Leadership and Democratic Society course, the premier executive development course within the U.S. federal government. I was thoroughly impressed with her command of the subject matter and confidence in guiding an executive.  I was not alone, as she was one of the most sought after-coaches and was equally inspiring to fellow executives.  Dr. Fritsch is an exceptionally rare and truly intelligent scholar and diligent practitioner.  She is a published author on leadership, organizational politics and political savvy and integrates these topics with her expertise on social network analysis.  She is driven to help others and is deeply respected by all who interact with her.  I offer my enthusiastic endorsement and my highest praise.”

Ms. Erin Soto 
Senior Foreign Service Officer (ret)

USAID Mission Director to India and Cambodia

“I’ve known Dr. Fritsch since 2002, when I hired her to conduct workshops on organizational savvy and emotional intelligence for our Macy’s corporate offices and flagship store in New York City.  As a result of her knowledgeable and engaging presentations, she was asked to coach several of our senior leaders in leadership topics and skills for years to come.  She has also been a coach for me personally on many occasions throughout my career.  She is well-respected by her clients and me.  She won us over with her expertise, loyalty, confidentiality, compassion, and a terrific sense of humor. I especially value her keen insights on navigating within organizations. The fact that her clients stay in touch with her for years after her coaching is a testament to the enormous impact she has had on their lives.”

Mr. Craig Heckman 
Senior Vice President
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company


“Everyone talks about how important it is to have great instincts, and experience has proven intuition to be critical for my career success. Whether I’m unconsciously not getting out of my own way or unable to see my potential as a leader, these topics come up regularly. Although listening to it and trusting it may not come easy, I have learned it can be learned and practiced. Dr. Fritsch has proven time and again to be invaluable as a coach, mentor and friend. She has that rare combination of intuition, wisdom and a wealth of executive leadership to draw on. I recommend her highly, whether it’s navigating the big darn deals that can make or break our careers as well as the dark and lonely times that inevitably face all leaders on their journey.”

Dr.  John Johnston 
Senior Branch Chief
Environmental Protection Agency

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