"Just because you don’t take an interest
in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t
take an interest in you."

- Pericles


Areas of Expertise

Modern leaders cannot succeed without the ability to navigate organizational politics  and leverage social networks. Embodying classical leadership concepts is not enough.

Dr. Fritsch created a step-by-step model of personal politics (TPP) that focuses on building self-awareness, learning key skills, developing the underpinning social networks and gaining political power. 


Dr. Fritsch will coach you or conduct workshops to:

  • identify the politics in your organization;

  • ascertain your position within the political system;

  • augment your natural personality traits to become savvy;

  • gain and use power in an ethical manner;

  • achieve challenging goals to further your career;

  • develop savvy skills e.g. influencing and coalition-building;

  • create empowering social networks.

  • Executive Leader Development

  • Organizational Politics and Savvy

  • Executive Coaching

  • Assessments

  • Workshops

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